Morten Linderud

F/OSS Developer, Arch Linux Developer and security team.

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I’m a Free and Open-Source developer currently living in Oslo, Norway and go by the nickname Foxboron on most platforms.

My interests are mainly in software development, but I dabble around security related topics such as system hardening, supply chain security and distribution security. On the non-IT side of things I enjoy travel, Belgian beer, guitars and photography.

I have contributed to a several Open-Source projects, such as the Reproducible Builds, Hylang, The Tor project, and most notably the Linux distribution Arch Linux where I do packaging and participate in the security team.

These days I work as a developer in an IT security company.

Email: &

Code: github & self-hosted (Not setup yet)

OpenPGP: 0x9C02FF419FECBE16 (stats)

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