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FOSS Activities in April 2021
May 5, 2021
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Hope people have had a lovely spring. This month has passed quickly! I have put off writing the monthly post because I was busy with a weekend project.

My master thesis was about how to apply transparency logs and reproducible builds to give package rebuilders the ability to produce tamper evident logs. This is handy since any one package build can easily be proven to be part of the log, and you can very easily fill inn the history from one point in time to another by hashing files in the correct order.

These days transparency logs has seen a larger adoption with projects like sigstore and trustix. What’s interesting is that publishes a transparency log of all the git push operations.

This is handy as it allows people to verify that a commit was actually pushed from a kernel developer. This prevents cases where someone with access to can’t create a commit on the server without it being possible to detect. However, transparency logs are only really useful if people monitor them for changes and replicate them. Thus i decided to quickly hack up a monitor on the log to make the information easily digestible.

I’ll probably continue to hack on this project a little bit to get some statistics between kernel releases. Maybe some graphs? But currently it works quite nicely to display the information on the log. A fun little project!

While talking about kernel security, the Linux TAB published their report on the entire University of Minnesota fiasco. Whats interesting about the email is that they linked the IEEE complaint Santiago, me and a few others wrote after reading the abstract back in December. I have no clue how they got the link since the draft pad was never shared outside of the twitter group we had. Weird 😀

Other then that I have submitted a patch to Golang to default add full relro flags when building with PIE and using the host compiler. I also did my first patch to a kernel related mailing list to patch a bug in b4.

Rest of the work has mostly been to get my secure boot tooling up to speed so I can move off from the preexisting Canonical tooling and better test. This has resulted in go-uefi, my Golang native library for interactive with efivarfs on Linux, having some form of integration tests towards OVMF. Which is great 😃

Lastly the work on debug packages in Arch has slowed down due to lack of feedback on the patches. I wanted to have the stuff out in February but sadly it’s going to take longer. Disappointing but stuff happens.

Cheers and see you next month!

Package Updates to [community]

  • go updated to 2:1.16.3-1
  • salt updated to 3003-1, 3003-2
  • plocate updated to 1.1.6-1, 1.1.7-1
  • crun updated to 0.19-1, 0.19.1-1
  • github-cli updated to 1.8.1-1, 1.9.1-1, 1.9.2-1
  • k9s updated to 0.24.7-1
  • qutebrowser updated to 2.1.1-1, 2.2.0-1, 2.2.1-1
  • python-nbxmpp updated to 2.0.2-1
  • python-nvxmpp updated to 2.0.2-1
  • fzf updated to 0.27.0-1
  • archlinux-repro updated to 20210408-1, 20210422-1
  • docker-compose updated to 1.29.0-1, 1.29.1-2
  • python-dotenv updated to 0.17.0-1
  • python-docker updated to 5.0.0-1
  • pdfjs updated to 2.8.335-1
  • yubico-pam updated to 2.27-1
  • python-nltk updated to 3.6.1-1
  • buildah updated to 1.20.0-2, 1.20.1-1
  • python-docs updated to 3.9.4-1
  • lxd updated to 4.13-1
  • python-adblock updated to 0.4.4-1
  • sbctl updated to 0.2-1, 0.3-1
  • lostfiles updated to 4.11-1
  • step-ca updated to 0.15.14-1
  • skopeo updated to 1.2.3-1
  • podman updated to 3.1.1-1, 3.1.1-2, 3.1.2-1
  • archlinux-contrib updated to 20210418-1
  • poke updated to 1.2-1
  • helm updated to 3.5.4-1
  • nvme-cli updated to 1.14-1
  • python-m2crypto updated to 0.37.1-2
  • python-psycopg2 updated to 2.8.6-4
  • b4 updated to 0.6.2-2
  • borg updated to 1.1.16-3
  • mopidy updated to 3.1.1-3
  • raft updated to 0.10.1-1
  • dqlite updated to 1.7.0-1
  • dunst updated to 1.6.1-1, 1.6.1-2
  • lxcfs updated to 4.0.8-1
  • lxc updated to 1:4.0.8-1

Package removals from [community]

  • python2-m2crypto
  • python2-traitlets
  • python2-prompt_toolkit1
  • python2-gevent
  • python2-pathlib
  • python2-tarantool
  • python2-psycopg2

Potential new packages for

  • oomd
  • vgrep
  • git-publish
  • psi-notify
  • etcd
  • gosec
  • kind
  • nomad
  • distrobuilder
  • hunspell-nb
  • hunspell-nn
  • magic-wormhole


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