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FOSS Activities in November 2020
Dec 1, 2020
3 minutes read

Second month of doing these posts. In short not much has been happening the past weeks, but that would be a slight lie.

I have sponsored rgacognes Trusted User application. The application was posted to the mailing list, and it’s currently being voted and decided by a weeks time.

There has also been some discussion for years about bringing debug packages into Arch. This has largely been stalled but I brought it back to life again. Essentially the problem might be solved by utilizing the new debuginfod project, and we can later distribute the packages itself when we understand the new mirror requirements. There is currently a discussion on [arch-dev-public] about it.

Along with the above, chugging along nicely with packages. Python has been rebuilt for the Python 3.9 release. This means there hasn’t been as many python package updates. Currently everything is in testing and we should see packages move to the stable repositories early next week. I simply haven’t been bothered going through the hoops of releasing package updates into stable and then deal with a rebuild for python 3.9 for testing.

In other news, kubernetes is now packaged into [community]. I’m probably doing a write up on this later this week. Most of this work has been done by David Runge, with me as supporting character. This also includes a reorganization of the different container files between the Red Hat container ecosystem. The files has been spread among container, buildah and skopeo. This gives weird dependencies such as containerd depending on skopeo. But this is only for the files it provides. These files have been moved to containerd-common and dependant packages has been (mostly) updated.

For questions or suggestions on this post, please reach to me on

Package Updates to [community]

  • k9s updated to 0.23.3-1, 0.23.4-1, 0.23.9-1, 0.23.10-1, 0.24.1-1
  • buildah updated to 1.17.0-1, 1.18.0-1
  • perl-type-tiny updated to 0.012000
  • python-reportlab updated to 3.5.55-1
  • python-pygame updated to 2.0.0-1
  • archlinux-contrib updated to 20201101-1, 20201108-1
  • toolbox updated to 0.0.97-1
  • crun updated to 0.15.1-1
  • python-language-server updated to 0.36.0-1
  • fzf updated to 0.24.2-1, 0.24.3-1
  • slirp4netns updated to 1.1.6-1
  • git-lfs updated to 2.12.1-1
  • restic updated to 0.11.0-1
  • go updated to 1.15.4-1, 1.15.5-1, 1.15.5-2
  • helm updated to 3.4.1-1
  • github-cli updated to 1.2.1-1, 1.3.0-1
  • gopls updated to 0.5.3-1
  • i3-gaps updated to 4.19-1
  • rclone updated to 1.53.3-1
  • v2ray updated to 4.33.0-1
  • dns-over-https updated to 2.2.3-1
  • rofi updated to 1.6.1-1
  • crun updated to 0.16-1
  • slirp4netns updated to 1.1.7-1
  • fuse-overlayfs updated to 1.3.0-1
  • containerd updated to 1.4.2-1, 1.4.2-2, 1.4.3-1
  • lostfiles updated to 4.08-1

Package additions to [community]

  • kubernetes
    • David did most of the work, but tested and adopted!

Package adoptions in [community]

  • python-google-api-core
  • python-google-api-python-client
  • python-pandas
  • python-pandas-datareader
  • docker

Potential new packages for [community]

  • oomd
  • vgrep
  • git-publish
  • b4
  • psi-notify
  • etcd
  • micro
  • adblock stuff for qutebrowser


  • FS#68456: fzf had RELRO removed as part of the move to use the Makefile
  • FS#68271: containerd got signatures
  • go: With a recent security issue in the compiler, LDFLAGS was restrictied to such a degree go packages wouldn’t be built with CGO_LDFLAGS. #42565 solves the problem.

Security Team

We released a total of 29 advisories the past month.

Other things…

  • Python rebuilds has started!
    • Python rebuilds also managed to hit [testing] during the same month :)
  • Release archlinux-repro 20201114
    • Reworked the container handling
  • Patched docker to support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when building



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